Mother’s Day 2014

The brothers Hoff

Mother’s day is always a tough holiday for us to celebrate because it’s also the day that we lost our father. I was 6 years old in 1990 when this happened. Everyone knows that it’s tough for a single/widowed mother to raise children on her own, work jobs to make sure to make ends meet and at the same time even from a young age to really observe my brother and I as individuals to see what really inspires us and let us pursue these things and nourish our dreams to make them a reality.

If it wasn’t for her constant encouragement, tenderness and magnanimous advice, we would not have had the drive to have the true passion for the arts, culture and live music that we do (she took me to see Elton John/Billy Joel at a very young age), the motivation to go the schools that truly made us happy and pursue professions that we’re driven to succeed in.

Not to mention, it takes a strong single mother to let her sons travel across the world several times (Japan, studying abroad in Europe, traveling across the US, living in California, etc.) to allow them to chase their dreams and become the individuals that my brother and I are today. Happy Mother’s day to… HANDS DOWN… the best Mom on the planet, Francine Hoffman!

I had a great weekend catching up with family and I’ll spare you the posting of a picture on facebook or Chaimonsters because I know how much you hate it, lol. Love you, Ma.