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First Post in Ages


Updating this placeholder post today. It’s been a while but I’m starting to feel motivated again. I’ll be working on my portfolio site for Zrayweb as well as some re-branding for it, and I’m also thinking of some blog post ideas. Some initial things to write about: my Seattle trip, the tumultuous year I experienced in 2023, music updates with my band Bulletin, and hopefully some cooking and plant-dad content to share with you all. 

Updating here as of today, 1/12/24. I’m coming up with some new ideas in general to share here (in case you see post images and titles being updated), including talking about some writing ideas I’ve been fleshing out, catching up with a few of my best friends from college and how truly time can just fly by on us, and sharing my holiday experiences this year and reflecting a bit more.

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